So last night I sent some inflammatory tweets to #Shaggy and he actually fucking responded! This is probably the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me on the internet. He was mad at first but we smoothed things out. Now we’re homies.
Last night I also went to a completely different restaurant and had the best Mac and cheese I’ve ever had and a brownie and icecream. #vegan #macandcheese #fatkid #veganworldtour #plumbistro   (at Plum Bistro Cafe (vegan))
I ate this. It was chill. Be jealous. #vegan #chickenandwaffles #chill  (at Wayward Cafe)
#tbt ya boi’s had swag since birth son.
The gangs goes to El Rey! #AN #giveuptheghost #azinvasion2015
This is tonight. We go on at 7. I’m hoping I see a couple friendly faces standing in silent unmoving judgment.
I was fortunate enough to share several back to back Birthdays with one of the best dudes I have ever met. I miss Fundy on a daily basis. No one has ever had my back like he did. He picked me up when I was at the lowest I’ve ever been and I wouldn’t be the half the person I am today if it wasn’t for him. I miss you more than words, Happy Birthday buddy.
My friend and tattoo artist @alexempty is opening a tattoo shop in Phoenix. They are having a grand opening party with food and drinks and music on Friday. It’s gonna be cool! Stop by and hang out!
SO’s to my boiz @circleofhounds aka Düby Tripplehigh @staffdill aka Lil Danks and @oldxyouth aka Chillybear #moneyovereverythingswag #toomuchswag #niletraplivez (at The World Famous Nile Theater)
Copped this dank ass EvilBong3D the wrath of the bong lighter. #x4x2x0x #chill #helladank #dudebro #zippo #canttouchmyswag #restinpeace (at The World Famous Nile Theater)